All I Have Is A Broken Heart

Written by: Arina Yaqubi

Maybe It's time for both of us to say goOdbye...

Did I say both?! Sorry for the mistake ... It was just ME anyway

'Cause there was no u baby...No u in love with me

U never heard me crying so loud

always thought it was just a rainy day somehow

but It was ME...And u just stoOd there and watched me falling apart

So thanx for ignoring me all the time

Acting like u never cared at all

I was always bleeding love

When u were having fun

U cut me like a knife, And u still make me lose my mind...

The wounds u left here on my heart

They'll heal someday...But those scars will remain FOREVER

Scars of ur love will HURT forever !!!!

'Cause all I had was love

And now all I have is a BLEEDING SCAR and a broken heart inside