He Got Up

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

On the third day,

Early, He got up!

He got up with all power in His hands.

The plans placed on Him by man,

Simply did not stand a chance!

He got up in a superb stance.

He got up after He died for us

On the cross so that we could

All have another chance.

The fact that He got up

Makes me want to scream,

Shout, sing, run and dance.

He did not have to die for you or me

On Calvary but He did and not only

That. He got up with all power in

His hands for all of us to have

Another chance. I hope that

This is something to you worth

Shouting about. God loved us

So much to send His only son

To die for us but not only that

He got up and that is good to me,

And should be good to you,

What Jesus did on Calvary,

And He got up on the third day,

Shows that God loves us in a special way!

This action is worth shouting about!

No doubt!