Feeling Him Near

Written by: Dana Kirby

All around the room closes in
I can't see him, but I know he is here
A gentle touch on my back
And he soothes my pain away.

All the maddness creeps slowly out of my soul
And eve though he does not say it much
I know deep down he love's me;
He needs and wants me even more.

I feel his lips upon mine, 
His kiss sets me free,
And holds me close to his heart.

His soul is dark as the night is long
His heart shines like the moon
His compassion to love freely is what keeps me close,
An intrigue I long to know, but never will fully grasp.

That secret I long to hear, 
but know deep inside would break my heart.

I yearn to please him,
See that smile I brought to his face
That was there two years before.

He is my mystery
And I have craved this pain to long.

Just to open myslef up to happiness that others will never know,
Just to bleed out all the bad,
And let my inner good shine.

He is my dark prince,
That sparkle in my eye.

 To let it be nothing, or something
                           Would complicate both of our worlds!