A whisper can sound loud

Written by: Pt. Bojosi Ditshwele

Do not think when you whisper
A gossip to a friend
Your words will not
Be heard
And go around speaking wrong       
Of another person’s name 
Telling only those you think
Can be trusted

A little wind will
Come blowing from nowhere
And steal the words 
From your mouth without you
Compose them into a song
And sing it across the land

And when it comes to greet 
The ears of those you were
Trying to keep the words away from
Their ear drums will amplify
The music, exagarate the words
And drum them so loud
For all ears to hear
And drum and drum and drum

and the music will come back
To haunt you
While others seem to enjoy it
It will sound like pollution
To your ears, you 
The writer of the song

Do not think
What you tell your friends
In a whispering voice
Deriving fun out of other people’s
Problems, laughing with all 
Your teeth out can never be heard

Your words will clearly write
Their message in black
Against the whiteness of your teeth
They will pronounce their meaning
In your careless laughter