Loves Embrace

Written by: Dana Kirby

Twisted faith
Hault the lies
A single tear
Escapes my eye.

Lost to lust
Love on the edge
Spreading my wings
Footing loose on the ledge.

Control fleeting
Feelings gone
Crossing boundaries
Playing a sad song.

Unknowing my destiny
Thankful for you
To thine own heart 
I must be true.

Kisses so sweet
Warmth from your breath
If this is living
I want not to know death.

Hold me close
Leave me never
Lose your mind
Need me forever.

Pain in my heart
No more shall I hide
Two souls, one journey
Passion will collide.

A rainbow of strength
Courage strong
What feels so right
Once was wrong.

Here I am now
I will not fade
This promise I keep 
To you I have made.