Fishie Out of Water

Written by: Annalee Pierce

I can't believe they got you
They've got you
On your knees
They tied your hands and took
Your hat
When they stole you from
Our hollow and
Put our flags at half-mast
But these flags still billow in the wind
Because I know you're down,
Not dead
And I'll be damned if I know anyone
Who could stop our
Peter Pan

They're just a bunch of pirates,
Savage bullies out at sea
You're just a
Fishie out of water who
Dared to try and take the lead
They made you out
To be their
And you'd much rather play their game
Than die out of defiance
They could make you walk the plank

I saw the sadness in your eyes
As they taped over 
Your mouth
I saw the way they beat you, just
Because you were around
And then
They blamed you without
And they threw away the key. They
Warped you to fit their politics
And you became their

I am the Lost Boy that you brought along
To better represent our hollow
But soon
I was recruited as another puppet
Come to play
They played us well, and thought I wish I could
I can't just walk away
The pirates that belittled you. I have
No choice but to stay

In their waters, you're a loner, but
Their ship is not your
We are held down by 
These shackles, but this is not where 
We belong
You're a king among the Lost Boys
So don't go drowning
In their seas
They're just a bunch of pirates, but
You're still Peter Pan
To me