For You

Written by: Maya Kaabour

I’d commit a murder with you
Plot a scheme with you
Burn a house, hold your hand
And run away with you-

Cause a public scene with you
Get high in the woods off a drug I’ve never heard of, with you

Demolish a nation
For you
Cheat through a card game
For you
Kiss your hands for good luck
Before you roll your dice-
For you
Get into uncomfortable shoes
For you
Grow weeds in my backyard
For you
Take a pie in the face
For you
Compose a song and probably
Play all the chords wrong
For you

Trace poetry on your bare back and
Have a fight with the Sandman 
Over who could
Put you to sleep first-
Chase you through the better
Hold you through the worst – 
Listen to your heart like I do
Sun-kissed sea shells
Kiss you bittersweet
By the pavement’s heated concrete-

Hand-pick the stars and put them by your bed-
Love you till you lose the hairs on your head-
Share every secret-
Every fear-
Share all that is new-
For you
For you
For you.