waiting nation

Written by: Adieleobasi Micah

Rush like a wind
The bad seed to find
A hallowed news spread
Wheat eat for bread
Jubilant road scream
For they watch long the scene
With the dim eagles eyes
Fading in the cold of ice.

May 27, 1999 was the year
Hooked and cooked for us to wear
Peacefully in troubles mind
A prophet to find
Democratic in its office
Dictator in its practice
A new way to sow
Masses entangled in row.

The fish eye-view high
Cut off the eagles eye
The wisdom of Solomon sink
Makes the Nation sick
For the cancer was planted
planted in the head of the dead
Dead that ravage the living
Living eight plus four season.

Who will bell the cat
A saggy Nation sat
In a hallowed posture wait
Hoping to have a saint
For in 1960 she wait
Wait upon 1999 to wait
A wait in 2007 that brings heat
And beyond 2007 she waits to eat.