Operation Kurd Freedom

Written by: James Loggins

Gather round Marines and pay close attention!
We are going on a very dangerous mission
There will be gunfire, you will get tired,
And there’s a possibility you will get killed

So there are two things I ask of you Marines
Don’t do anything stupid;
Like leaving one of your comrades behind
Stay and go along with your men

Because we are freeing some prisoners
Of the Kurdish population in northern Iraq;
They are prisoners of Saddam Hussein’s regime
They are suffering, starving, and are being rounded up,

Killed mostly every single day
Group A, you will take the jeeps
Pepper the front resistance with hot lead
Group B you will knock out their communication tower

With all the C4 we’ve got
So gentlemen ride on, cock your guns,
Wet your sights, and say your prayers,
Because Operation Kurd Freedom has commenced