A verse from a verse

Written by: Edward Orozco

i saw him, holding her and i thought of you
memories hidden beneath expired tears emerged
a mental image freshly painted across my view appeared
slowly i mesmorized to the early past, and i held you the same way
who would have thought that in this hour, in this day you are but a memory
i cared about nothing when i held you, i floated in comfort and hope
slowly i heard what he said to her, and again i spoke to you
his verse amended her heart, which placed her soul back to one piece
the tone of his voice called upon her very spirit and she smiled
i used to sing to you, your heart raced and tears of joy fell form your eyes
the smell of pain still lingers with in my walls, your portrait still hangs over me
in hopes that maybe some day i will have you, the way he has her