To All Pursuers of Dreams

Written by: Wiseton Prins

To all pursuers of dreams
Think of your dream as a castle
On this day at this moment
You stand on the parcel of land
On which that castle of yours is to be built

You can choose to stand as long as you would
...and do nothing but wish
Or you can begin by removing a stone
...from where it shouldn’t be
Or drawing a line where you wish to dig

Point is, you must begin
You must start now to do something
For if you don’t do something toward that dream today
Tomorrow it shall still be waiting to be done
It shall face you accursedly for not having done it yesterday

Any hesitation to do the necessary means
The completion of your castle shall have been delayed
By yet another day
...the day you stood wishing... and doing nothing
Ignoring that little that should’ve and must’ve been done

If and before the castle of your dreams to stand boldly in the air 
...for all to see and for you to own and cherish
All work must diligently precede
Hence a day at a time is the best guarantee