Feathers in the Pond

Written by: gautami phookan

             ~ "Flamingos in pink plumes, spread all that silken fluff; pink ripples in air."~


                                   A  moorhen  gaily  skips,  light  on  its  feet;
                                 Landing  on  one   lily pad,  then  on  another.
                                           Its  bright  red  beak discreet,
                                 A  beauty  in  black  fur  in  the  pond  yonder.
                                    It   looks  she's  walking  on  the  water.


                                                 The  egret  has  grace.
                                          Amid   water  cress  it  wades.
                                        Snow  white  feathers  on  his  back,
                                                   Hanging  in  a  drape.
                                         This  beauteous  form,  frog  stares;
                                         Looks  dazed,  then  it  leaps  away.

                                       Willow  droops  to  caress   the  water,
                                          Calmly  floats  the  mallard  in  mist.

Forms : Monoku / Quintain (English) / Choka / Crystalline

3rd place in the contest
For Constance La France The Rambling Poet's
Contest~ "For ( Four) Beautiful Birds"
Written by Gautami Phookan
 April 27th, 2011