The Man

Written by: Jared Pickett

For years I thought I was the man because of my independence
uncanny work ethic 
and my wit.. 
For years I thought that it would be me and only me for the rest of my life... 
It is amazing how in one breath everything changes, 
everything becomes clear and a bit more complicated.... 
I welcome my new family with open arms and promise a life of prosperity, 
and every ounce of love I have to give...
She is the love of my life, 
the bearer of my child, 
my boo!!! 
It feels good to finally have the ability to share this with the world.... 
I am not "the man" but her man 
and can only hope that I can give her the love she deserves, 
the life we both yearn for.... 
I love you Kimberley Collison, 
the gift you are carrying is by far the best I have ever been privy to....

Jared Pickett