My Farmboy

Written by: brandy uptain

What is this I hear,
My bare-chested horseman drawing near?
He may be a simple farmboy to most,
But he can steal my breath more effectively than any ghost.
You see him all sweaty and bare-chested,
The only one who can ride my anger when it is crested.
He does things to my body,
That is so delicious and naughty.
With a single word he takes me to the farthest stars,
With a single touch he sends me past Jupiter and Mars.
He loves to drive fast,
A demon that will love 'til the last.
He kisses me,
As coolly as the Autumn breeze.
I am the only one who can ride,
His wonderous tide,
Of passion he holds inside.
His muscles alone make me whimper and scream,
He is my hold world, my dream.
When he takes me as his wife,
And we start a new life...
We will ride bareback in the rain,
Yet my hunger for him will never wane.
I will love him throughout my years,
My farmboy who will dry all of my tears.
When we get to the land of Milk and Honey,
Won't it be funny...
To see my beautiful farmboy ride a horse down the street of gold,
Me right beside him no longer a lost soul.