when you said goodbye

Written by: chamonique knowles

Do you hear the wind as it blows my hair in my eyes?
Do you hear the car honk as the cars speed by?
Do you hear my heart break when you say goodbye?
do you hear the scream masked by my silence?
I can't hear anything but,
the voice in my head saying,
"I told you he'd leave."

you don't see the knife your words make 
cut deep into my heart
and end its steady beating.
you don't know that as you stand there
with your smug smile
and confident stance,
my world is spinning out of control
and I can feel the floor slip out from under my flip flops.
And You will never know
how close I came to loosing my cool,
and crumbling into a pile of rubble,
just the destroyed remains of a once happy girl.