Never and the Future Woman

Written by: brandy uptain

A blind man will never see even the brightest of lights,
A small person will never reach blinding heights.
Will I ever see you again, for now you would be a welcome sight,
Standing at my door tonight.
An eagle will never see Heaven no matter how high...
He may fly.
Just like I will never be happy in my life until I am your wife.
A dog will never see the colors of the rainbow shine,
Will I ever taste your kiss again as intoxicating as wine?
A baby will never drive a car,
And I will never let you go too far.
An old person will never be young again,
At the moment you are my best friend.
I know one day you will take me again,
And wrap me in sin.
You will soon take me as your life long mate,
We have already set the date.
Then you will show me what it means to be a true man,
And in your arems I will become a true woman.