The Pirate Lord

Written by: brandy uptain

The Pirate Lord,
Looked forward...
Til tonight,
He would bed the woman he had loved at first sight.
Oh, the pleasures he could give her,
Engulfed him in shivers.
He couldn't get a grip,
If he needed to he could take her flesh a ferociously as a whip.
As Captain he would not have to share,
To take her to their bed the men would not dare.
She knew about the women he took to his bed,
He would touch them until they begged and pled.
Then he would take them and slake his lust,
The very thought of it made her blush.
It wasn't what he could do to her body she worried about,
It was her heart, which she would give him without a doubt.
Soon he would own her body and soul,
A red stain which would no doubt show.
As soon as he touched her she would let go,
A touch so hot it would sear the soul.
Let him come and take her body and heart,
That would be the start...
To a love that could never be torn assunder,
A delicious surrender as his tongue did plunder.
She vowed to herself then and there,
She have never witnessed anything so fair.
She had never seen anything as divine,
As they lay there their bodies entwined.
He asked her the question she longed to hear,
"Will you be my wife, my dear?"
Now their days all but over they are done,
But she can't help but smile at the prize she won.
She had won the Pirate Lord's soul,
And they are immortalized in the greatest love story ever told.