Rarely Met A Better Man

Written by: Brenda Atry

We communicate without language,
Gestures,symbols,motions of a hand.
He understands my language. 
I struggle with his.
But somehow we make it work.
We've lived together 14 years now,
Never thought to make it legal. 
Our love could not be 
More committed with a license .
He likes his hair long,
I prefer him less tousled
Though he does look appealing
When the hair fall in his eyes.

To find a partner like him is rare,
Although he has wandered on brief occasions.
I close the door behind him, but never turn the lock.
He always manages to find his way home,
With  downtrodden posture and liquid eyes.
I allow him to share my bed again,
After he grovels at my feet.
My heart has grown  soft for him over time.
I overlook his laziness and graying hair.
Smitten by his warm body and childlike ways.
Oh Theo, life at times is so unfair.
Though only a dog, I've rarely met a better man.