Rhinestone Romeo

Written by: James Loggins

Well it is a Saturday night
You came into this place all teary-eyed
Because you and your husband got into a fight
I noticed the moment you walked in here

Now you are crying into your drink
I know what it's like to be
So heartbroken that you cannot even think
Please do not worry, I am not trying to hit on you

I am just trying to sympathize
And I cannot understand why
Nor can I find a way to see
Why your husband would want to make you cry

You are a very beautiful woman
And you deserve a whole lot better
But just please do not tell me
That when he wakes up tomorrow, he will find a letter

But please do not let my hat and belt buckle
Make you believe I am some sort of desperate fool
I am not some rhinestone Romeo
So do not lose your cool