Written by: Olusegun Akanbi

Heads over heels
Like I am on love prescription pills
I am crazy about this lady
And the thought of that kills
I need your time and affection 
But all I get is rejection
Your beauty fills me with wonder
Like lightening blots and thunder
I am falling and my feet is in the air
Coming down with despair
Without my silver wings
Or my angel over here
At a high velocity
I am sure to reach eternity
Before my head strikes the ground 
You have turned my life up side down
And made it spin round and round
Like a Merry go round
Or some kind of an Extra Terrestrial saucer
I cannot eat or drink even water
Love is so cruel
So I shall challenge him to a duel
I pray not for fatality
But my anger preaches mortality
I strucked him with the first blow
And he falls down slow
But my anger only made matters worse 
So I had to let her go
If she 's yours she will come back to you 
Says Mercury’s little voice
But she is beautiful and intelligent probably has a greater choice
Off she goes with a Jewish Croesus
While I still call on Jesus
A poor man’s predicament
So off I go for a Holy Sacrament
I prayed and prayed and I fasted for years
Till I met a common peasant girl who dried up my tears
But after two decades there comes Eva
I told myself it is rather late than never
But what will I do with my country lady whom I took for a wife?
I told Eva to let me be because I already have a life

Olusegun Akanbi