Written by: Anne Rutherford

                               Grandfather, Grandpa or some are 
                               called Papa, what ever you call them ,
                                             they are special.
                                   They are wise, know how to fix
                                    broken toys or broken hearts.

                               They'll  let  you  know  your  loved, 
                                  not by words, but what they do.
                               There will be money or candy in a 
                                               pocket or two.

                                     He'll know when it's needed,
                                           just by looking at you. 
                                Some will attend games, cheer on the 
                                  team, he'll give you some hints 
                                            for the next time too.

                                  My Papa never plays favourites,not
                                             that he'll tell you so.
                                               My secret is this.

                                  I know I'm  his favourite, and you do too.
                                  When I grow up, I hope some of me will
                                            be like him and my dad too.

                                                 Copyright 2008
                                                 Anne Rutherford
                                                 Poems From The 
                                                    Heart Series