Written by: Arcene Janvier

Dear Most High,
I pray for the crimes I tend to commit
My mind that will justify my actions legit
My cronies in their trials I pray for their lives
For haters come hatin' with their guns and knives
My enemies loathe me and fear me the same
I pray that their envy don't make me their blame
My family, despite being dysfunctionally grimy--
I love 'em the same, from the proud to the whiny
The ladies that serve my multiple reasons--
I pray for their purpose from lessons in seasons
For the real folks that's seekin' my progress and theirs--
I pray our success will endure through the years
I pray for these streets which bore me and raise me
I pray reconstruction 'cause these times gettin' crazy
I pray for the knowledge I'm continually shown
But most of all I pray for the unseen and the unknown.