Written by: Arcene Janvier

In my resolve I make my quest to be the best
In my reforms I stand higher than the rest
For I fit not within my enemy's nest--
nor kneel at my adversaries' footrest
Pandering not to mindless folly nor shame
I bank my achievements on merit, not fortune or fame
Status is not on hand for my definition
My legacy serves for my benediction
Success is what warrants this prediction
In my journey for my quest to be the best
I stage for myself the ultimate test
For my efforts, I seek victory in the final contest
I tread this alone, surrounded by my peers
Some acknowledging, others prompt by fears
I trump competition, invigorated by jeers
In this reality, I've risen to my quest to be the best
I seek to conquer & devour all at my behest
The future's accomplishment lies where I presently invest
The greatest moments come from my prime
I'm wary of cheaters who'll prove their crime
My history is built on reason and rhyme
To be the best it's just a matter of time