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Written by: jeffry cohan


Where is she?
She was with me yesterday?
Where could she be?
To find my lover a fortune I would pay
The last thing I saw her doing was preparing a meal
She diced the carrots, sliced the onions, and added some spice
Her being missing like this just doesn’t seem real
But sometimes a sinner has to pay the pious their price

The cost they were asking was absurd at best
Yet I’d give them diamonds and other gems
I beg thee god of love don’t put me through this test
Because a wounded heart is from where my sorrow stems

It’s too quiet in here without her casual and common comment
Wait now, I hear a knock on the door, but my lady has the key
There stood a man I didn’t know who said “here’s a notefrom a pretty lady sent”
And all it said was she has needs to fulfill and simply signed it “me”
         © 2010.….free cee!