It's time for a vacay:

Written by: Roxanna Ressler

I have my suitcase and bag filled with cute clothes and a camera.
I have a car full of my closest friends and a full tank of gas.
It's time to hit the road and just drive all the way to Samara.

Its a little town in Costa Rica
where the wine flows like a river
and the people dance until there knees grow weak!

The sands are warm
the drinks are strong
the music bellows while people swarm. 

My hair thrown back
my sun dress tightly tied around my neck
I hook arms with my best friends as we scan the bars food racks.

I have a shiver run up my neck as the foam of the ocean laps at my feet.
I spot a handsome Costa Rican and give him a grin. 
I decide it's time that we actually meet. 

We dance and we dance
we drink and we swim
before the night's out I discover a new and burning romance.

Thank you Cost Rica for my wonderful vacation
I'll be sure to come back 
and discover a brand new sensation!

Roxanna Johnson
Vacation contest