donde estas corazon

Written by: Edward Orozco

time simply seems to drift out unto nothing, creating history
yet the image that is painted in my heart is still fresh
the kisses that once were painted on my lips are still warm
tears that we both drew are still wet, this feeling is on fire
i dont know what to do, this heart of mine wont give in
sometimes i wonder why God put you in my life, and in my heart
i need you to know that you were the most beaufitul thing that ever happend to me
with you i saw many different things, i learned and became strong
i never had the love that most get when they are children, i was neglected
no one ever showed me what it was to be loved, or to even love
then out of no where you took my heart, and gave yours
i did not know how to react to so much affection, but it felt so good to be cared for
it brought warmth to the soul to know someone cared if i was alive or not
maybe one day i can hear your name and not cry
perhaps one day i can see your beautiful smile again, and not have my heart turn to pieces
i know today you are happy, and i wont come to you, i know it would hurt you
this is my way of showing you how much i love you, i will stay away so you can stay happy
no one could ever take away the moments that we shared, or the love we feel for eachother
i need you to know that you painted the most beautiful portrait in my heart long ago
today i sit here, tomorrow i will only be a memory
my heart begins to change, and i dont want it to, because i know who you are to me
someday the fire that burns in my will be put out, slowly it dies
i need you to know that you will always be my alley, my wifeybear
maybe one day you will ask donde estas corazon