Broken Heart

Written by: Andrew Nashat

So this is how it feels, to walk around carrying a broken heart,
Trying to drag yourself while your broken heart anchors you to the ground,
Why would you do such a thing to a someone?
Could it be out of hatred or is it the causality of love?

I was ready to give you everything,
My love, my time, myself,
But I guess you found it better to destroy me,
And walk victorious over my ruins and call it just a joke.

Am I that meaningless and despicable that I deserved all of this from you?
Or was it all a game for you to test how long I would stand your torment?
I truly am sorry that I wasn’t a real challenge for you,
For you ruined me with your first lash at me.

I was ready to make your life a living paradise,
A heaven down on earth with me,
But I guess it wasn’t meant for us to be, 
For our perception did not meet.

Therefore you broke me,
You made me love you and bound me with a leash,
So that once I began to see the truth and stray away,
You would pull me back and strike at my emotions.

I really felt we could have been great together,
But you truly proved me wrong,
Hopefully I’ve learnt my lesson now,
Not to be this naive next time.