Spring Burst

Written by: Anne Rutherford

Spring has burst forth with buds of all kinds,
With the promise of majestic leaves to blow in
 the wind and shade this garden of mine.

Branches reaching up to the heavens, for solar
power of the suns rays.
Daffodils, crocus bursting up from their winter 
bed to take the spotlight of spring time.

The rest of the garden waiting  for April rains to
 wash through the sweet earth with the fragrance 
of flowers.
Butterflies to light on the pedals  of marvellous colors
for nectar so sweet,
To fluter around and enjoy mother earth.

It happens every year , each time it's new and inspiring
to observe.
Sit back , enjoy the pleasures of rebirth,
Life is renewed in our gardens ,
Just as life is renewed within us.

Copyright 2008 
Anne Rutherford
Poems From The Heart