My City Hyderabad

Written by: azim mohammed

…My City Hyderabad

Same stories in books
Same thoughts I read time again
Missing myself

Those old lanes
Those dim lit windows above
My city glows

Rickshaw-puller leads
My thought to its destination
In city lanes

High minarets rise
Call of muazzin rings the city
Some bells too

Domes lit on Eid
Windows lit on Diwali
Welcomes Santa Claus

Drank Irani chai
Haleems and Briyani for lunch
Dinner at Medina

Hyder to Sikandar
The twin city echoes the diversity 
Deccan at heart

Far from here
Lives my mother, my family awaits
Net call 

Call that recalls
My memories on every visit 
Sometimes in tears

Qutubs shahs to Nizams
Rich past and subtle digital future binds
My city Hyderabad