Written by: delysia hendricks

Fate knocked me down with two balled fists
robbed me of all with evil twists
disabled and a mass of pain
and left with naught of lifetime’s gain

Rock-hard times hit, no friend in sight
no-one to share my sorry plight
cash ebbed and dwindled at fast pace
starvation hence was what I faced

Disturbing thoughts kept creeping in
e’er prompting:  try your greatest sin
compulsion tore apart my soul
just one last time; might reach my goal

Pep-talked  myself: don’t be a fool
to challenge Fate without your tools
addicted gambler to the core
slowly my hopes began to soar

With quickened step I pack my load
dead rabbit’s foot and ear of toad
two badger teeth, balls of live bull 
a multi-coloured skein of wool

And last a gift from one enthroned
most prized, a yellow opal stone
gained courage with a swig of rum 
watch out casino, here we come

I settle in, touch wood of chair
and deftly yank one lock of hair
I line up all my lucky charms
for further luck pinch left-side arm

I moist my lips, give one deep sigh
my opal stone winks back, a-fire 
strong presence in my orb I feel
sense Lady Luck spinning her wheel

Still certain I will bear no loss
I rub each coin twixt fingers crossed
the greedy slot accepts them keen
I close my eyes, spell L-U-C-K-Y B-E-A-N

Incensed, I pull the lever down
the gong rings down with loud resound
a rapid blink, open-mouthed stare
I've just become a millionaire!!!