Love at Sunset

Written by: Andrew Nashat

It was near sunset, everything was perfect for her,
The sun was laying a gentle kiss on the tip of the ocean,
The sea sparkled like diamonds in the reflection of the sun,
Everything was perfect, awaiting her arrival.

The wind envying me for such a day it would take a hurricane to destroy it,
Yet God graciously gave me a loving breeze to complete his work of art,
Finally she graced us by her presence; at last my princess has arrived,
I longed to see her in that glowing white dress.

As she walked towards me, the sun glistened on her tan revealing Gods beauty,
The dress skimmed down her slender body blowing my mind out,
She walked so delicately on the sand, that she seemed as if she was flying,
When she reached in front of me she just smiled, but in a way I had never seen 

Her smile filled me with joy, warmth and love,
All I wanted to do right now was taker her in my arms and never let go,
I took a courageous step, stepped forward and gently kissed her forehead,
My heart beat faster than it had ever done.

She smiled at me and took my hand,
She said don’t worry I will always be right here by your side,
I looked deep into her twinkling eyes, before I got lost in them,
I told her I love you, but I didn’t get the chance to hear her answer