Terror in the Night

Written by: Wiseton Prins

In the peaceful night
The ululating pierced the silence
The roar of the big engines
Prompted the ears to cock
The lamps all got dull and died
The people all hushed

The thunderous shots 
Exploded the silence in the air
They tormented the spirits of all in despair
Obviously in multiple pairs
The boots stamped rapidly
All over the area

Here and there
Fear was so dense in the air
You could cut it with razor
The mothers sobbed in prayer
The children trembled in fear
The fathers languished in despair

Shrill cries filled the air 
As doors flew open into the air
Bright torches lit the helpless faces
Dark masks hid the reckless faces
Foul words tumbled out of the dirty mouths
Prayers murmured out of the angry mouths

Furniture were overturned
Houses were over burnt
Innocent people were slaughtered 
Culprits walked away in laughter
Children witnessed in fear
Old people spit curses in anger

The sun never seemed to come to life
The People wished it would fast arrive
When it finally obliged
The sight filled their faces with fright
The land was crying tears of blood
Gloom scratched the hearts of everyone alive