Fact to heart

Written by: Edward Orozco

God knows i miss you, yet in the past you remain
Its hard to pretend that it does not hurt, where there is so much pain
I feel like running as fast as i can to you, yet i wont
It would be a greater pain to see you standing next to him
You and I will always love eachother more than we could love another
For by your side i tasted life, and life you tasted by me
I know you love me, just as much as you know i love you
My tears roll down my cheeks, and all I do is endure this feeling
This feeling that has my heart captured, leaving me to die
Still i try, yet it's only a dream, you are gone now
No matter where you and who you end up with, your heart is with me
As mine is with you, i never thought it would end like this
Our hearts as one, and our souls apart, forever loving one another
I wish you happiness from the  bottom of my heart
As long as you are happy then so am I
A fact my heart knows well, take care love