Second Chances Don't Count

Written by: Derek Ortiz

For one last time
I got to tell you to quit this
Im overusing the life once lost
Is so fun to be high
But so sad to see it fade
My life ain't yours
But this lithium is so prudent 
I love the feeling
Hate the goodbye
So again i shot myself with the drug
Tell me welcome back's
Is not my mistake you brought me here
Get over it
Im sure to find a solution after the drug effect goes off
Im glad your not home
I hate you so much
Is the day i wanna sleep
I die and you'll happy right?
Im not alone in here
Infinite party
Dance the motions out
My mistake to overuse this
Third time overdosed
Don't worry
My friends ain't here but they will be next time
At my funeral
Im glad you love me darling
Is so good to know i have one besides me
No one left to dance with
Now death takes me because im not staying here alone
Is my life
So as mines i choose when to end it
I got room to dig
I got power to kill
But not to survive

Is this how you feel Father?