An Accuser's Prayer

Written by: Woodrow Lucas

Dear God, I am an accuser, an accuser to the bone.
Most times I accuse because I have been accused and left to fight alone.
So God I pray this prayer for freedom from the accusation into me that’s been sown,
That I may be loved and love others, instead of tackling this life on my own.

Dear God as it concerns love and hatred or freedom and destruction,
Let me not be caught up in categories or words of elitist presumption.
Please bless me to hate the deception but to unconditionally love the deceived.
Please bless me instead of judging those who judge, to with grace their pain relieve.
Please bless me to fight the lies of men, instead of fighting those caught in lies.
Please bless me to destroy pride’s delusion yet relentlessly defend from shame’s guise.
Please bless me, as I fight all error, to always search for the error within.
For none but one have conquered this darkness, that seeps into hearts as sin.
God please let healing be my ultimate goal, much more than to critique or guide.
But please help me to consider, how even in all of my pride,
The beauty I am as your child, every time I engage your eyes,
For true you see all my evil, but more so you see my fate,
To stand as a God incarnate, full of joy at heaven's gates.
This prayer I pray in Jesus' name at the risk of loosing much esteem,
For I am a lowly accuser, but HE is the source of all seeing and author of dreams.