137 PEOPLE view this i will disembowl my girlfriend's ferrett, Chaos

Written by: jeffry cohan


Must I beg half of my life to read my tome
The sensuous one with whom I share my home
She claims to already know each chapter written
From now all the way back to when we were both smitten

A lover I had found yet silently I advised her to run
And that would only be chapter one
No one knows why she suffered all the lies which I would orate
And that query would become  chapter eight

While pages turned and a plot was developed
There had  been many embraces in which I was enveloped
Yet she refuses to read the book she claims to know by heart
However, I know why it’s a novel she just won’t start

She says she knows my every move
But there are so many things I shouldn’t have to prove
When you found that stranger’s lingerie under our bed
The bed I defiled with others due to the lies you were fed

So read my tome and and if you care to leave home
Because I have a heart and a hankering to roam
But the truth is I would be frightened without her in an empty fog
And that there is the epilogue
   © 2011.….Poefree