Jammin with Jesus

Written by: anthony beesley

I'm Jammin with Jesus like drums,guitars and guns
Every word spoke from the master is a blast shot from the son

I'm jammin with Jesus...pearl pistols and golden bullets
When decepticons they come truth triggers He keeps pullin

I'm jammin with Jesus...yeah the head and not the tail
I walk where fearful fools they fall without one solitary care

I'm jammin with Jesus...the blessings they are big
He still reminds me everyday not to cast my pearls to pigs

I'm jammin with Jesus...peace of mind in a mad mans world
His protection it is free for His children forged in love

I'm jammin with Jesus...white dove in the midst of ravens
I just call upon His name and it's me now that He's savin

I'm jammin with Jesus...yeah that's the song now that I sing
He's the alpha to omega the beginning to the end