Written by: Kristina Reid-Hansen

This is a small part of story that I am working on to be published in my book of 12 stories. 

She resumed in trekking; still searching for a way out
When something caught her eye which appeared to be a route.

Confidence grabbed the reigns in her chest, filling it with air;
Her breathing and her heartbeat tripled for she was almost there.

But as the path ended so did her mirage of nirvana.
It led her to a basin filled with red-bellied piranha, 

Caiman alligators, and electric eels
 Imagination was the one in her head turning the wheels

Sending pulses down her spine which reeked of fear
Forcing confidence to be evicted through each crying tear.

But her cries for help could not be heard
For the jungle’s trees kidnapped every word

The sun squinted his eyes through the trees in the west
“A bridge!” she gasped. She began to feel blessed

Sarah had to move quick; a race against the clock.
Night plus blood equals animals on the stalk 

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