I Love Jelly

Written by: Cherie Durbin

"I Love Jelly" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques".

Bonus activity: Set up a jelly-tasting station where you prepare toast for the 
children. Include the usual favorites like grape and strawberry as well as offbeat 
flavors like jalapeno and pomegranate. Include several sugar-free jellies for children 
with special dietary needs. Prepare a piece of toast for each child. Cut each piece of 
toast into 4 squares. Then let each child choose 4 flavors he or she would like to try 
and give him or her a ballot to fill out. Tally the votes at the end of the session and 
write the results on the blackboard. Was grape the favorite flavor? Any votes for 
jalapeno? Discuss why or why not.

I love jelly,
I love jelly,
On my toast,
On my toast.
(Strawberry) is the flavor,
(Strawberry) is the flavor,
I love most,
I love most!