Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

Live I say my brothers and sisters

Live I say my brothers and sisters again

Choose today to live instead of evil

Which is live backwards.

Press forward there is much to gain

There is much positivity to look toward

Evil is easy to maintain. All you have

To do is let Satan drive you to the

Institution that is insane. All you

Have to do is complain. All you

Have to do is to slander people's

Names that do no apparent harm

To you. All you have to do is do

Pure evil and you got this concept

To the tee. God wants us to live

You see. He wants us to know

That the wages of sin is death

But the gift from Him is eternal life.

He wants to live in peace and not

Strife. He wants us to follow the

Path that He laid out for us. Not

Satan's streets of defeat. He made us

Unique. He wants us to do the forward

Spelling not the backward. Live my

Brothers and sisters…

How do you live?

Do the exact opposite of the

Things listed above.

Openly accept God's love.

Walk in it.

Talk in it.

In all ways act in it.

In all ways defend it.

Love all.

Do for all that you can.

Look up to God,

And don't do this to man.

No evil… in Satan’s twisters

Live much with God you have

To look toward.

For the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus 
our Lord. Romans 6:23