Written by: Jennifer Cahill

Within the late hours...

Towards morning
In another world
Bittersweet and soothing
Stirring in the darkest recess of my mind
Time passing
Retrieved in memory unlike any other way

Looking out
Radio tower blinking red
Like the moon in my dreams
Ancient tales reveal themselves 
In the light of the stars
Their light the wake of their dying

Timeframe, bending to the point of
Elastic stretched, retracting
Spectrum of colors volatile like
Radiation seeping into our pores

A walk through a wooded path
On a winter's day
Solitude evoking feelings like
Loneliness cloaks like a warm blanket
Worn with a few holes
"Waiting for Godot" on 
A dark rainy evening
Light of street lamp edging out
A desire for knowledge 
Too strong to be let go 
At first

Soon begin the day
After sunrise
Settle in when the sun cloaks the horizon
And madness slips away
Like sea waters receding