physical spirituality

Written by: john. M diketane

Silently waiting for the prayer we make each time our bodies consomate.                   Its been too long, my blood is rushing with excitement as I watch her enter the room.     Hoping she does not see how much my spirit has being yearning, and groaning to be heavenly intertwined with hers.
I long to be exhaulted by the sound of ur voice when you silently whisper my voice, oh what verbal bliss to enslave my mind and weaken my will with just a mare kiss.      I long to be baptised into an eternal union with all but the sweat of our bodies becoming one and losing our individuality with each drop that leaves our bodies.           Long have a felt the emptiness of ordinary loving, and the incompleteness of a one sided love.  
So as we lift our hands in the oneness of being let us celebrate this holy communion with a kiss and a smile each time we meet to comemorate this physical spirituality that will last throughout all of eternaty.