Even In Death

Written by: Jarid Miller

Hello, how have you been? My, it's been a long time. 
Come on in, take a seat; I'll light the candle and pour 
the wine. 

Thought that I would never again see your lovely 
face; must admit it's been a dual life ever since you 
went away. 

That smile that you have...how I love that pretty   
smile! So glad when you called; you said you'll 
stay here for a while. 

I realize when we were young you just had to move 
away.Told your parents that you loved me, but still, 
they wouldn't let you stay. 

I can see it in your eyes that you're still in love with me. 
Heaven above sent down an angel when you descended 
your love on me. 

You now show me our promise ring; my heart skips a 
beat. You've never once taken it off all this time I do see! 

I grabbed your hand and told you that I'm still in love with 
you. I want you back...need you back, together we can see 
this through. 

All you did was shake your head, so I asked you what 
was wrong. "Why can't we be together? What is it that's 
going on?" 

Looking up to me, you tell me that you died a year ago. 
"It's not me at all," you said "what you see here is my 

Didn't want to believe it all; I can't believe that you died! 
"Babe, stop this foolish talk; c'mon, give love just one more 

It was then you gave me a paper that dated about a year 
ago. "Woman, killed by a druken driver" next to your 
picture...now I know! 

"Goodbye my love," you said to me "wanted to see you one 
last time." I'm now shaking and both speechless, feeling 
weak down deep inside. 

Leaning over, you kiss my lips, then you vanish out of 
sight. Tears are streaming down my face; I'll never ever 
forget this night! 

Still my girl 
Still my love 
Still the one who stole my heart 

Go on and rest 
You are the best 
Even in death we did not part!