Trust Few

Written by: Ashley Smith

Pain inflicted upon 
Others by me
Hurts me more
Than words can explain
I've always been the one hurting
The one to deal with all the pain

So what do I do now
That my hurtful actions I have revealed
Hope for the best, always confess
My shortcomings I've concealed

Trust to me is most important
And I do so with great caution
So how can I try and fix what's been done
When I myself chose a deceitful option

The only answer evident to me
Includes a list of dos and don'ts, a list of advice
Be honest, be true, be modest, trust few
And in all my actions think twice

Many people claim that it's worse to be hurt
Than to be the one whose lies are told
I disagree, for having felt both
The role of the inflictor feels pain tenfold