dakarai cobb - The Poetic Chump

Written by: Jimmy Anderson

OK fellow soupers, sit back and relax;
I'm about to smash this "SAMURAI" with the "AFRO."
So with this POETIC ANTHRAX,
watch how I poison him with my sick FLOW.

dakarai your slams are for the city dump.
I wouldn't dare get beat by no poetic chump!

dakarai open this surprise envelope,
and enjoy what I now have to say.
I'm picking up that "SOAP,"
and I'm throwing it back your way!

"Inmate this" and "inmate that"
Your slam was a hit and miss for I'm a Poetic Acrobat!
Come on dude I expected something new.
Show some "gratitude" that I'm even "slamming" with you!

Soupers know you "bit" off "P.D.,"
because she first mentioned the "SOAP!"
Where's the originality?
Let me just tell you your horoscope...

Today is the day that you have extreme bad luck.
For you're finally being hit by a poetic MACK TRUCK!

I see I have you mad,
because I said you and Chris like to dry-hump!
I'm crash landing on your heliopad -
You poetic chump!

You mentioned "G.I. Joe,"
A 'cartoon' - go figure!
You say you're "Rambo,"
But why am I pulling this trigger?

"Boy," you don't "shine," I've distinguished your "shark."
So you FRANKENSTEIN, enjoy the dark!

You say you "blessed my soul" like the "Pope" in Rome.
Give me a drum roll as I take these shots to your dome!

You say "My pen moves too slow"
Chump I focus on other stuff too.
I'm getting Billy-the-kid to shave that afro,
because I'm not soley thinking about you!

I'm leaving your "writing hand" a bloodied stump.
I wouldn't get beat by no poetic chump!

Ok forget "slam," we can ask soupers who's the better poet - you or me?
They can have a poll for the Romeo and Troll (who writes the best poetry!)