songs N signatures

Written by: Jerry Golden

day dreaming 
beneath your ceiling
under your cracks of blue
on a cloudy Sunday
I was something
soothing you
Lying in the crescents
of a mystery
Am I spending
too much time with you

and we were a shoulder 
alive and highly 
candling the thoughts of two
oh, they say i was 
spending too much 
time with you
beneath your cracks of blue
day dreaming
in the streets of night
lights and colors
a shimmering absence
vacant promises

in these all night dreams
when day light seemed 
to wonder and deem
the morning screamed 
and i was crazy
how you crazed me
the jewels you gave me
drove me daisies
into hours hazel
crowded and hazy

and we were children
beyond a rhythm
waltzing in a melody
alive and highly
beneath the splinters
flowers rekindled
but they say i was 
spending too much 
time with you
day dreaming 
in her cracks of blue

oh she loved you
she seldom left you
in the cracks of blue
across the avenue
it was nothing new
just day dreaming
souls were clinging
songs of signature