In A Breath

Written by: Christopher Steven Coan

Carry on, oh breath of air
Fill what time cannot
Bring what silence soon forgets
Seek what has been sought
Dearest moon, where have you gone?
Must you turn away?
Once the face that smiled wide
Steal another day
Hold to me as once I knew
As once within a dream
By a day, I've come a night
Yet all has lost its gleam

What remains but songs unsung?
What but broken chords
What but bleeding candlesticks
What but treasure stored

What he sees defines his truth
But truth knows not the eye
Truth lies in a beating heart
In what has come alive

Heart of silence, dare to hope
Dare to breathe once more
All of what is yet to come
Shall break all come before
And in a moment, in a breath
Everything will change
Every truth will find its light
Everything will change