The Truth That Killed Love

Written by: Aimee Garside

I’m so broken, and torn up inside
The thing that’s killing me is that I knew I should have lied
I should have gone along with it and I wouldn’t now feel dead and tied
Up in this searing pain, which leaves me breathless each time I sigh
I remember the life we talked about and the future we planned
Why did I have to go and tell him the truth when I felt so perfect inside?
With the loved we had together and the dreams we shared, 
If I had locked my lips it would have been perfect forever.
The reason is, is that I loved him so much and I grew to the point where it hurt 
deep inside.
I owed him more than that so I took a leap of faith and that’s when I fell flat on my 
For good measure he ripped out my heart and squished it between his hands to 
leave me hollow with no light. 
The tears are flowing the metal is tearing my skin I see the blood and release 
what’s within
This is the only time I don’t feel like I’m going to scream and die so I will keep doing 
it, simply to stay alive
The scares on my body act as his kisses to me, kissing all my pain away even for 
just that one moment, until in my head there’s just him and me
So I don’t have to spend eternity in this ravaging pain, and wake up every single 
day knowing I’m never going to be the same
Because I didn’t just loose the love of my life I lost myself and my reason to survive.