Written by: Wiseton Prins

A wind of change is blowing
Oh, a beautiful wind of change is blowing north of the Sahara

At last the people have woken
Oh, at last the people want back what was stolen

The thieves are terrified
Oh, they who stole from the people with one hand
	...and covered their mouths with the other in laughter
		Oooo, they are now so terrified they don’t know where to hide

The world has at last become small
Oh, so a village is all it was
	A sister’s cry on the other end
		Summons a brother’s help from the other end
			All thanks to the efficiency of the internet

Oh, how glad I am to have lived to see
Never had I dreamt democracy would come to the East
	Now daily on my television screen I see
		Brick after brick, they plaster hope with democracy
	How I pray that when the masons are done
They’d come down South to these parts of the land