The Gods Still have Mercy

Written by: Wiseton Prins

The evening is quite different
...from the ones I’d begun to anticipate as certain
Today I has rained
Flock after flock of organised white birds
Soaring low above the dried up seasonal river to the unknown

Today the land isn’t brown 
...but a shade of black
Today, at least from a distance 
...I can make out the yellow grass
Today I’m certain of joy many a farmer’s heart
Today, I’m certain of reprieve many a peasant’s heart

No more buying water
...for the gem has fallen right off the sky
No worry of hungrier days ahead
...for the gods of rain have decided to bless the land

Tonight the fireflies will once again come to life
And I’m sure to hear many sounds in the usually silent night
Of many insects and nightly creatures chanting in delight
As for me and the rest like me
Thankful we are, for Mother Nature has settled the dust